Pro Wakeboard and Wakesurf Global Qualifier 
May 25th-29th


Event Details:

Global Qualifier - Wakeboard & Wakesurf

For 2020 the PWT Global Qualifier has gone digital and offers every wakeboarder and wakesurfer in the world, women, men and groms a chance to qualify for the Tour while riding at their home lake behind their own boat. Everyone has the chance to compete against the world’s top wakeboarders and wakesurfers by submitting their run. Once submitted the runs will be judged by a panel of Pro Wake Tour judges and also by fans online. We are also introducing the fan vote component to the Pro Tour so anyone around the world can cast their vote for the best rider. 

Who will qualify for this all new 2020 PWT stop #1? With the chance for any rider in the world to submit their line and have their fans help push them onto the 2020 Pro Wake Tour, we hope to see the likes of Steel Lafferty, Meagan Ethell, Ashley Kidd and some unknown super grom from a far off land end up  at Stop #1 of the 2020 PWT. 

Stay Tuned to cast your vote!


Riding Divisions

Pro Wakeboard

Pro Wakesurf



Any rider, male or female, any age in any part of the world is welcome to enter the PWT Qualifier.


Official Rules

Go see all of the Official Digital Event Rules and Submission Criteria - HERE

2020 Wakeboard Global Qualifiers
Fynn Bullock-Womble
Jake Pelot
Guenther Oka
Lorenzo Soprani
Tony Carroll
Jake Hill
Billy Allen
Bryson Hancock

2020 Wakesurf Global Qualifiers
Connor Burns
Jake Breedlove
Camron Swanson
Jodi Grasman
Keenan Flegel
Taylor Swanson
John Akerman
Beau Wildman
Tyler Stewart

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