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The Supra Boats Pro Wake Tour is the most dominant, highest credibility professional wakeboard circuit in the world. Comprised of four cash prize events, the PWT showcases the top athletes from Europe, Australia, Canada, the US and more.

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nearly 40 years

Since 1981, every feature, each component and every inch of interior stitching is precision engineered to enhance your experience. Our legacy as a luxury boat brand is apparent in the way we operate and in every towboat we make-because we believe proof is greater than promise. That's a core value you'll only find in a Supra

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The Pro Wake Tour (PWT), the industry's longest-running professional wakeboarding competition circuit, will visit one new water sports venue in 2021 as well as returning to another 2 venues and one digital event comprising a four-event schedule.
The 29th year of the Pro Wake Tour will open in May and run through August, with the world's top-16 professional wakeboarders competing for the coveted championship.