Finals Are On! The first all digital final in the history of the PWT is live. Go vote now for the best runs and don't forget to SUBMIT your votes. Remember one vote per IP address.


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Nic Rapa

Age: 22 | Hometown: Sydney, AUS | Board: Ronix One Time Bomb | Boat: Supra SA550 | Favorite trick: Going big | Alternative occupation: Fitness related

Cory Teunissen

Age: 22 | Hometown: Gold Coast, AUS | Board: Obrien Exclusive | Boat: Nautique Paragon | Favorite trick: Air Raley | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Tyler Higham

Age: 21 | Hometown: Bend, OR | Board: Ronix Supreme | Boat: Supra SA 550 | Favorite trick: Whatever I'm having the most fun with at the time | Alternative occupation: Not sure

Guenther Oka

Age: 21 | Hometown: Orlando, FL | Board: Liquid Force Rhyme | Boat: Axis A24 | Favorite trick: Pete Rose | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Tony Iacconi

Age: 23 | Hometown: Newcastle, NSW | Board: Jobe Breach | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Method | Alternative occupation: Wakeboarder coach

Shota Tezuka

Age: 26 | Hometown: FL | Board: Obrien Shota Valhalla | Boat: Supra SA 550 | Favorite trick: Backside 180 to the flats | Alternative occupation: Some other sports

Noah Flegel

Age: 22 | Hometown: Lighthouse Point, FL | Board: Hyperlite Riot | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Toeside double grab 360 | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Fynn Bullock-Womble

Age: 15 | Hometown: Orlando, FL | Board: Liquid Force RDX | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Heelside backside 900 | Alternative occupation: I am 15, so any job i can get!


  • Agron Ismaili

    Excellent set and noteworthy of a win! Good work champ

  • Jackie Copenhaver

    You make it look so easy!!! Love ya❤️

  • Tyler j

    Respect for the protest ride, but nice job on taking away the chance to ride in the finals for someone trying to make it. Next time maybe maybe do a silent ride in the heats.

  • Trudie Strickland

    Fynn Bullock, you are unbelievable!!!!! 👍❤️

  • Paul

    Did some riders not even film a new line? Also, really Noah? *facepalm*

  • Dustin

    Dang! Can’t believe all the hammers dropped in the finals runs! Just a suggestion for the Finals fan vote. Maybe do a 1rst, 2nd and 3rd place Option for the vote and each rider gets a certain amount of points for each and their total determines where they place in addition to the judges determination.

  • Lucas D

    This is Noah’s competition easily !!!

  • Lucas D

    This is Noah’s competition easily !!! Let’s go brotha

  • Launchn

    Bring it home Nic 🤙🏼

  • Kevin

    Wish I could vote for two, Nic and Noah

  • Uncle Paul

    When ever Nic Rapa perform he always try to do his best and most of the time he Succeed .. Good luck Mate You make it look so easy .. Nic well worth the training …………..

  • Feddeml

    Amazing performance and big air !!! 🔝

  • Dan

    Cory and Nic are on another level!

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