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Parker Payne

Age: 20 | Hometown: TX | Board: Phase 5 Phantom | Boat: 2020 Supra SA | Favorite trick: | Alternative occupation: 

Camron Swanson

Age: 17 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 51" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Switch back shuv 360 body varial | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Taylor Swanson

Age: 15 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 50" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Front 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Sean Silveira

Age: 31 | Hometown: Orlando, Florida | Board: Phase 5 The Key | Boat: Supra SA550 | Favorite trick: Backside 360 melon | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Noah Flegel

Age: 22 | Hometown: Lighthouse Point, FL | Board: Hyperlite | Boat: Nautique G23 Paragon | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Tyler Stewart

Age: 17 | Hometown: Victoria, MN | Board: Kanuk Boards Stewy Pro | Boat: Centurion ri237 | Favorite trick: Bigspin mute grab | Alternative occupation: Filmmaker/editor


  • Cecelia Pfliger Reply


  • justin blomquist Reply

    Noah Flegel is Killing it on that Huge G23 Paragon Wave!!!!

  • dk Reply

    ole’ P.P. !!! FOR WIN!!!!

  • Gail Warren Reply

    Parker all the way — consistently strong

  • Christine Byram Reply

    Parker has our vote!! 🌊🤙🏼

  • Vin Reply

    Suuuuucchhh sick riding boys

  • Wes Cotner Reply

    Good stuff!

  • Mike Feist Reply

    Way to send it Swany Brothers

  • Karen S. Congdon Reply


  • Ryan Shapiro Reply

    You Rip Brotha!

  • Rey Reply


  • flo Reply

    rock it

  • Shelly Reply

    Fantastic run!

  • Tess Reply

    You have my vote Camron Swanson

  • Tommy Sum Reply

    Sean 👍

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