The 2020 PWT Stop #1 is here and the riders need your help! The top 2 riders from each heat will advance to the finals of stop #1 of the PWT. Watch each riders run and vote your favorite in each heat. Don't forget to SUBMIT your votes! One vote per IP address. 

Heat 1

John Akerman

Age: 26 | Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL | Board: Phase 5 MVP | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Frontside bigspin | Alternative occupation: Jake from State Farm

Beaux Wildman

Age: 15 | Hometown: Warsaw, IN | Board: Ronix Flyweight Skimmer | Boat: Supra SA 550 | Favorite trick: 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Middle school student

Camron Swanson

Age: 17 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 51" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Switch back shuv 360 body varial | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Noah Flegel

Age: 22 | Hometown: Lighthouse Point, FL | Board: Hyperlite | Boat: Nautique G23 Paragon | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Heat 2

Tyler Stewart

Age: 17 | Hometown: Victoria, MN | Board: Kanuk Boards Stewy Pro | Boat: Centurion ri237 | Favorite trick: Bigspin mute grab | Alternative occupation: Filmmaker/editor

Jodi Grasman

Age: 22 | Hometown: Lake Placid, FL | Board: Phase 5 Leeo (Jodi Grassman Pro Model) | Boat: Nautique G23 Paragon | Favorite trick: Switch 360 body varial | Alternative occupation: Physical therapy

Connor Burns

Age: 19 | Hometown: Pheonix, AZ | Board: Kanuk Burnsy Pro | Boat: Centurion | Favorite trick: Revert 3 shuv | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Parker Payne

Age: 20 | Hometown: TX | Board: Phase 5 Phantom | Boat: 2020 Supra SA | Favorite trick: | Alternative occupation: 

Heat 3

Chad Carlson

Age: 17 | Hometown: Spokane, WA | Board: Chaos Team Pro | Boat: 2009 Tige 24ve | Favorite trick: Air reverse | Alternative occupation: Business man

Keenan Flegel

Age: 24 | Hometown: Oviedo, FL | Board: Soulcraft | Boat: Centurion | Favorite trick: Bam Bam | Alternative occupation: Construction worker

Taylor Swanson

Age: 15 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 50" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Front 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Sean Silveira

Age: 31 | Hometown: Orlando, Florida | Board: Phase 5 The Key | Boat: Supra SA550 | Favorite trick: Backside 360 melon | Alternative occupation: Surfer


  • Taytay Reply

    Hope connor burns wins

    • Skyler sorensen Reply

      No no Sean silveira all the way

    • DJ Masi Reply

      Not easy to choose. All riders at the top of their game. 👍

  • elina Reply

    let’s gooo

  • Bryce Ott Reply

    Sean Silveira killed it! Always so cool to watch

  • Terrell Reply

    Great runs by all!

  • Andy Haase Reply

    Sean SILV Silveira for the win

  • Nancy Reply

    Way to go Swany Bros‼️👏❤️❤️
    U make us proud‼️

  • Todd Collins Reply

    Taylor Swanson is Amazingly Gifted young man !!
    Keep up the great work !!

    • Debbie Combs Reply

      Your totally awesome Taylor! So proud of the Swany Boys and all their incredible tallant!

      • DJMasi Reply

        Local @LakePleasantAZ brothers always kill it.

  • Monique Guerrero Reply

    Go Sean!!!

  • Michael Reply

    Sick run Sean Silveira #Flowdogs4life!

  • Eric Reply

    Guys are all Killin it!

  • Whitney Reply

    Go Chad!😎🙌🏼

  • Pat ARLEDGE Reply

    A pleasure to watch these athletes.

  • Alexis Reply

    Go Connor !!

  • Mike Feist Reply

    Way to send it Swany Brothers.

  • Will Reply


  • WES COTNER Reply


  • Balinda Gonser Reply

    Go JOHN

  • Lisa King Reply

    Beaux Wildman all the way.

  • Denise Sulwikowski Reply

    John Akerman all the way

    • Danielle Lock Reply

      Go Beaux!

  • Crys Hunt Reply

    Good job

  • Phill stelling Reply

    Looks super comfortable and in control, great lines and flow!

  • Jane Gabrielson Reply

    John is amazing!

  • Delise Bowen Reply

    These guys are great!

  • Amy clum Reply

    You go boy’s keep the good work

  • dan Reply

    Nobody smoother riding then parker for the win !!! duude is straight fire!!

  • Cindy Leventhal Reply


  • Ingrid Reply

    Great job, Swanny Brothers!

    • Apryl Gardner Reply

      Amazing to watch!!!

      • Apryl Gardner Reply

        Amazing to watch!!
        Go Swanson brothers!!

  • @_alemjs Reply

    Woohoooo @seansilveira

  • Moira Mackenzie Reply

    Love watching Jodi, she’s awesome!

  • Feisdee1 Reply

    Nailing it as usual Swanny Bros!

  • Ray Holm Reply

    Way to go guys!

  • Kenya Reply

    WTG Swany Bros!!

  • Noel B Reply

    Swany bros all the way!

  • EvanF Reply

    Everyone is throwing down for sure!! Enjoying watching these daily!

  • Katie Stewart Reply

    Stewy Pro for the win!

  • Gail Warren Reply

    Parker still the champ !! Smooth

  • Sher Kosage Reply

    My vote is for the Swanson Brothers!

  • Greta M Rainsford Reply

    The Swany Bros make it look easy.

  • Lelia Skinner Reply

    Parker Payne for the win!

  • Casie Reply

    Get it Jodi!!!

  • Jake Fassett Reply

    Sliv FTW!

  • Diane Reply

    Jodi is Awesome

  • Bert Laacks Reply

    Vote for Noah Flegel

  • JE Reply

    FLEGELBROS! 👍😎🏄‍♂️

  • Elaine Rothman Reply

    Go Flegel Bros!!

  • David Ealy Reply

    So Swanson

  • jeff Reply


  • Missy Akerman Reply

    Go John Akerman!

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