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Heat 1

Moomba Boats

Camron Swanson

Age: 17 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 51" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Switch back shuv 360 body varial | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Taylor Swanson

Age: 15 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 50" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Front 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Sean Silveira

Age: 31 | Hometown: Orlando, Florida | Board: Phase 5 The Key | Boat: Supra SA550 | Favorite trick: Backside 360 melon | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Tyler Stewart

Age: 17 | Hometown: Victoria, MN | Board: Kanuk Boards Stewy Pro | Boat: Centurion ri237 | Favorite trick: Bigspin mute grab | Alternative occupation: Filmmaker/editor

Parker Payne

Age: 20 | Hometown: TX | Board: Phase 5 Phantom | Boat: 2020 Supra SA

Connor Burns

Age: 19 | Hometown: Pheonix, AZ | Board: Kanuk Burnsy Pro | Boat: Centurion | Favorite trick: Revert 3 shuv | Alternative occupation: Business owner


  • Mike Feist

    Way to send it Swany Brothers

  • Linette Guillory

    Fancy footwork there Swany Bros! Great job!!🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️💚

  • Wendy Vreeland

    Swany Brothers were the only riders to land tricks with 720’s in them- NICE

    • Kathryn MacDougall

      The Swany brothers are raising the bar for this sport. Impressive indeed.

  • Jennifer

    Wow cool moves Swany bros

  • Marsha

    You know how to make it happen !!!! Lookin good out there…


    Cameron and Taylor are the greatest wakeboarders I’ve ever seen!!

  • Rohan OMalley

    The swany bros are goated

  • Mike Hawk

    Swanny Bros at it again! Keep killing it boys

  • Dr. J. J. Levine

    The Swany Bros are artists. Their techniques appear fluid vs forced. They are on a different level from any one else I’ve seen

  • Tami Anne Antieri

    Way to Go Guys RADDDD

  • Briahna

    Let’s go Swany bro’s!! Good job guys 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Blake

    Sean is killing it! There’s a reason he’s one of the best old pros around. Great technique

  • Jack Lambert

    Let’s gooooooo SLIV!!!!!!

  • Kathy Jo Daley

    OUTSTANDING Athletic ability and skills SwanyBros! Your level of performance is Exceptional!

  • Sher Kosage

    Watrching the Swany Bros. is like watching poetry in motion!! They’re awesome!!

  • Mark Wulf

    These 2 Swany Bros are amazing at this sport!!! Impressive!!!

  • Jim Jackson

    Sean Silveira is so clearly the best rider here. Everyone else on a skim needs to learn how to pop their tricks.

  • Amber Schmidgall

    Way to go Camron & Taylor!!

  • Lady D

    Swany Brosssss!!!! MindBlowing runs!! #AlienStatus

  • Robert Osborne

    WOW……I had a hard time selecting which of the Swany Bros to vote for. Camron and Taylor are way ahead of everyone in ALL facets of wake surfing. I would love to have my kids learn from both of you so they can learn from the best!!!

  • Jennifer Morgan

    Amazing Swany Bros you own the waves

  • Tamara L Aldrich

    Good luck, Camron and Taylor!! Keep up the awesome boarding. So much fun to watch!!

  • Cody Breitbach

    Swany bros are killing it!!! You boys are involving the sport daily keep killing it and making those new trick!! Style and skills 10/10

  • Nancy Swanson

    Way to bring it on Swany Bros‼️‼️
    Always make us proud‼️🔥🔥👏👏❤️❤️

  • Nancy Swanson

    Way to bring it on Camron & Taylor‼️🔥🔥👏👏
    Always making us proud‼️❤️❤️

  • Karen

    Caneron – Love the 720!!!!

    Taylor appears to have a better sense of CG – more grace with significantly less arm action

    Both are incredible

  • Nancy Swanson

    Way to bring it on Camron & Taylor‼️🔥🔥👏👏
    Always making us proud‼️❤️❤️

  • Farah Velez

    Camron and Taylor both have nailed the ingredients of success – Passion, Dedication, Hard Work and Creative Nature!!!! Simply, Awesome! Way to go….

  • Patricia Lee Geatens

    I have never seen this sport before, but it is mesmerizing! So hard to vote – such talented athletes!

  • John Topolewski

    Anyone that thinks Sean isn’t the best is uncultured !!!

  • Wendy Elgas

    Sean is amazing! So incredible to watch.

  • Melissa

    The Swanson boys nailed it! Did moves no one else can. Way to go!

  • Nancy Swanson

    Way to bring it on Swany Bros‼️🔥🔥👏👏
    Always making us proud‼️❤️❤️

  • Stephanie Albrecht

    Parker Payne… I have watched you for years! You are outstanding !!

  • Julie Burns

    Surf style is the best!! Such ease!
    Go, Burnsy!!

  • Sarah Close

    Tear it up, Parker!!!

  • Thomas rice

    Absolutely amazing, rock in the sport

  • Adam

    I’ve been in the Wakesurf scene for a while and Taylor and Cameron Swanson are the greatest wakesurfers of our generation. It’s incredible how much natural talent these two have! They have pushed our sport more than any other Wakesurf athlete. They deserve your vote!

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