The 2020 PWT Digital Qualifier is here and the riders need your help! The top 4 riders from each heat will qualify to compete in stop #1 of the PWT. Watch each riders run and vote your favorite in each heat. Don't forget to SUBMIT your votes!

Heat 1

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Guenther Oka

Age: 21 | Hometown: Orlando, FL | Board: Liquid Force Rhyme | Boat: Axis A24 | Favorite trick: Pete Rose | Alternative occupation: Surfer

Cole Clements

Age: 28 | Hometown: Huntsville, TX | Board: Connelly Dowdy | Boat: Supra | Favorite trick: Heel 360’s | Alternative occupation: Ditch digger

Fynn Bullock-Womble

Age: 15 | Hometown: Orlando, FL | Board: Liquid Force RDX | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Heelside backside 900 | Alternative occupation: I am 15, so any job i can get!

Billy Allen

Age: 23 | Hometown: Barrie, ON | Board: Hyperlite Riot Nova | Boat: Axis A24 | Favorite trick: Backside 720 | Alternative occupation: I am a mechanical engineer

Tony Carroll

Age: 31 | Hometown: Orlando, FL | Board: Ronix Parks | Boat: Axis/Malibu | Favorite trick: Anything with a grab | Alternative occupation: I rent and sell boats at Tommy's

Vincent Knapp

Age: 34 | Hometown: Cumming, GA | Board: Hyperlite Riot | Boat: Supra SA | Favorite trick: Whirly Bird | Alternative occupation: Boat sales

Heat 2

Jake Hill

Age: 19 | Hometown: Tifton, GA | Board: Obrien Valhalla | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Tantrum to blind | Alternative occupation: Singer/songwriter

Woody White

Age: 25 | Hometown: Louisville, KY | Board: Hyperlite Riot Nova | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Pete Rose | Alternative occupation: I wouldn'

Lorenzo Soprani

Age: 20 | Hometown: Bellagio, ITL | Board: Obrien Valhalla | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Indy Pete Rose | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Bryson Hancock

Age: 20 | Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA | Board: Connelly Reverb | Boat: Axis A24 | Favorite trick: KGB 540 | Alternative occupation: Engineer

Jake Pelot

Age: 22 | Hometown: Orlando, FL | Board: Ronix Supreme | Boat: Anything with a motor | Favorite trick: Crail Crowmobe | Alternative occupation: Chipotle


  • Nick Reply

    Bryson Hancock is one of the steeziest wake boarders I’ve met

  • Matt Reply

    Sick run man

  • Dirk Bates Reply

    I don’t know if my vote went through but I would like to vote for ole clements and Bryson Hancock

    • Tony H. Reply

      All were impressive, but my vote is for Jake Hill…next level stuff!

      • Lynn Gaskins Reply

        Vinny knapp

  • Sofia Reply

    He is cool

  • Nora Soprani Reply

    Loved the double Lorenzo .Goooo!

  • Jordan Hill Reply

    Love this boy

    • Joyce Mims Reply

      Proud of you Jake!!

  • Chance Hamil Reply

    Gnarly shred by Jake Hill

  • Lorenzo Soprani Reply

    Impressive lines by all.

  • W Ray Cross Reply

    Jake is amazing!!

  • Carlo Reply

    Lorenzo: two thumbs up!

    • Josh Bean Reply

      Killing it Jake!

      • Larry Mims Reply

        Jake is the one!!

  • Layton Fillion Reply

    Jake is awesome!!!

  • David Holmes Reply

    Jake is a big dude

  • Jeff Barber Reply

    Jake dominated the waves like he was doing gymnastics on a mat.

    Never seen anything like it in my life!

    A totally gifted athlete.

  • Jordan Pope Reply

    Jake Hill 2020


      Lorenzo…with you With our 💙
      from Lake of Como

  • Dallas H Reply

    All are great… Jake gets my vote!

  • Veninisport Reply

    Go bano go

  • Mike Hawk Reply

    Bryson Hancock is tony hawk on water

    • James Contreras Reply

      Bryson Hancock all the way!!!

  • Sheila Reply

    Proud of you Lorenzo,
    We’re with you from lake of Como

  • Colin Reply

    Bryson Hancock Got STYLEEEEE 🤙🏽😎

  • Michelangelo Reply

    Yoo bro! Proud of you💪🏼 Crazy line!!

  • Madison Reply

    Bryson has got to be one of the most hardworking people i know! Proud of you dude!

  • Nano Reply

    Billy Hands down.

  • Candice Melton Reply

    Bryson Hancock…the best!!!!

  • Marc Reply

    Bryson – Go to the TOP!

  • Brant Watson Reply

    Jake Hill ladies and gentlemen!

  • Joey P. Reply

    Bryson Hancock hands down

  • Peter Reply

    Woody white all day!!!

  • Lance Murray Reply

    Bryson absolutely shredded gnarly run

  • Samantha Reply

    So proud of Bryson! He works so hard to reach his goals. He impresses me everyday! 🤩

  • Janis Nevison Reply

    Billy! How many days was the ice out before you had to film that! Marinas just opened… crazy! My votes for you!

  • Tootsie Reply

    Vinny Knapp all the way! Awesome skills and a fun time when he’s around.

  • Hugh Jass Reply

    Bryson is a fookin animal

  • Hugh Jass Reply

    Bryson is a fookin animal on the water

  • Char Reply

    Good stuff Cole Clements

  • Lisa Hester Reply

    Awesome Skills! Jake Hill… you rock!

  • Ontario Wake Reply

    Considering Billy’s first rides of the Canadian season didn’t start until the afternoon before the qualifier video deadline and in freezing cold water, he’s got our vote!!

  • Jack Lambert Reply

    The man… The myth… The Jake Hill

  • Josh Bean Reply

    Jake killed it!

  • Greg Williams Reply

    Jake Hill the QB turned Pro Wake gets my vote here. Just wicked sick moves on the water!

  • Chuck Reply

    Cole clements is the man!!!

  • Greg Anderson Reply

    All are great for heavens sake
    But JAKE dominates the WAKE!

  • Pat S Reply

    Jake is amazing.

  • Hank Pittman Reply

    Jake shreds!

  • steve Reply

    Fynn gets my vote

  • Chuck McLallen Reply

    Cole Clements!!!!!

  • Reed Domingue Reply

    Nice pass Jake!!

  • Laurel Gavin Reply

    Bryson has my vote! Truly amazing on water and off.

  • Ian McConkey Reply

    Nice Run Jake!

  • Kim Reply

    Great job by all … Jake Pelot gets my vote!

  • Derek Brown Reply

    Yaaaa Bill!

  • Raymy Reed Reply

    Jake Pelot killed it! Awesome run.

  • Amanda Walker Reply

    Great Job Jake!

  • Alex Reply

    This Lorenzo kid was on FIRE! Smooth landings on almost every truck. Wow!

  • Harold Hill Reply

    Jake is awesome, best of luck and stay safe ALL!!!!

  • JP Reply

    Jake Pelot nice run man!

  • THEHillbilly Reply

    Zo number 1 hands down for italiaaaaaa

  • Marianne Walker Reply

    woohoo jake!

  • Bryson Hancock Reply

    Shout out to all the boys! Riding super solid!

  • Zach Smith Reply

    Cole Clements has my vote. Took everything way into flat landing clean.

  • Ken Morrison Reply

    Jake is killing it. Count me for Jake

  • DH Reply

    Everyone is killing it! Guenther Oka is my fave!

  • Ellen Ryker Reply

    Bryson Hancock has my vote. Looking good!

  • Adam Reply

    Sick Ride By Billie

  • Gina Capelli Reply

    Go Bryson!

  • Joan Drydyk Reply

    Bryson Hancock wins. Great jumps and moves on the water.

  • Alan Weidler Reply

    Bryson’s awesome…has my vote.
    Awesome young man..knows what he wants …GO BRYSON

  • Caren Reply

    So proud of Jake Pelot, you have my vote

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