The 2020 PWT Digital Qualifier is here and the riders need your help! The top 3 riders from each heat will qualify to compete in stop #1 of the PWT. Watch each riders run and vote your favorite in each heat. Don't forget to SUBMIT your votes!

Heat 1

Ashley Kidd

Age: 25 | Hometown: Leander, TX | Board: Connelly AK Pro Model | Boat: Centurion Fi25 | Favorite trick: Air reverse | Alternative occupation: Personal trainer

Jodi Grassman

Age: 22 | Hometown: Lake Placid, FL | Board: Phase 5 Leeo (Jodi Grassman Pro Model) | Boat: Nautique G23 Paragon | Favorite trick: Switch 360 body varial | Alternative occupation: Physical therapy

Anthony Edwards

Age: 34 | Hometown: Burnham, Buckinghamshire, UK | Board: Phase 5 Matrix | Boat: Nautique G23 Paragon | Favorite trick: Half and half | Alternative occupation: Film visual effects

Connor Burns

Age: 19 | Hometown: Pheonix, AZ | Board: Kanuk Burnsy Pro | Boat: Centurion | Favorite trick: Revert 3 shuv | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Aaron Witherell

Age: 24 | Hometown: Port Angeles, WA | Board: Lib tech Air’n | Boat: Supreme | Favorite trick: Shuv grab | Alternative occupation: Plumber

John Akerman

Age: 26 | Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL | Board: Phase 5 MVP | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Frontside bigspin | Alternative occupation: Jake from State Farm

Heat 2

Lily Anderson

Age: 19 | Hometown: Calgary, AB | Board: Kanuk Aurora Lily Pro | Boat: Nautique G23 | Favorite trick: Big spin | Alternative occupation: Fitness instructor

Chris Furey

Age: 17 | Hometown: Minnetrista, MN | Board: Phase 5 Matrix | Boat: 2018 Malibu 25LSV | Favorite trick: 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Pizza guy

Jake Breedlove

Age: 20 | Hometown: Austin, TX | Board: Blusurf Custom pro model | Boat: Centurion Fi 257 | Favorite trick: The magic trick | Alternative occupation: Land development

Keenan Flegel

Age: 24 | Hometown: Oviedo, FL | Board: Soulcraft | Boat: Centurion | Favorite trick: Bam Bam | Alternative occupation: Construction worker

Jake Caster

Age: 20 | Hometown: Westford, MA | Board: Liquid Force | Boat: Malibu 23 LSV | Favorite trick: Air reverse | Alternative occupation: Content creator

Beaux Wildman

Age: 15 | Hometown: Warsaw, IN | Board: Ronix Flyweight Skimmer | Boat: Supra SA 550 | Favorite trick: 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Middle school student

Heat 3

JL Audio

Tyler Stewart

Age: 17 | Hometown: Victoria, MN | Board: Kanuk Boards Stewy Pro | Boat: Centurion ri237 | Favorite trick: Bigspin mute grab | Alternative occupation: Filmmaker/editor

Chad Carlson

Age: 17 | Hometown: Spokane, WA | Board: Chaos Team Pro | Boat: 2009 Tige 24ve | Favorite trick: Air reverse | Alternative occupation: Business man

Taylor Swanson

Age: 15 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 50" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Front 540 bigspin | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Camron Swanson

Age: 17 | Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ | Board: Kanuk 51" SwanyBros Vedder | Boat: Tige RZ2 | Favorite trick: Switch back shuv 360 body varial | Alternative occupation: Business owner

Reed Hansen

Age: 30 | Hometown: Clermont, FL | Board: Ronix Carbon Skimmer | Boat: Supra SA 450 | Favorite trick: Heel flip | Alternative occupation: Wakeskater



    chris n tyler all day

  • Nancy Reply

    Awesome runs Swany Bros‼️👏


    GO LILY!!

  • Luke Reply

    Swanny bros shredding like usual

  • Will Xander Reply

    Yewwwww swanny

  • tom Reply

    Go beaux

    • Mike Reply

      Beaux,You got this, good luck!

  • Robin Reply

    Go Tyler! Great job!

  • Dianne Bean Reply

    WTG Swanny Bros! Beautiful runs! Bring that PWT north to the Whitefish Chain!

  • Molly Caudle Reply

    Jake is the best

  • Marie Dean Reply

    Go Jake

  • Marie Dean Reply

    Go Jake!

  • Lisa Reply

    Go Beaux Wildman!!!

  • Whitney Reply

    Ayyyyy Chad Carlson ✌🏼

  • Mike Feist Reply

    Way to go swany Bros

  • Mike Feist Reply

    Send it Swany Brothers

  • Lisa Milledge Reply

    Yesssss! GO LILY!!!

  • Katie Stewart Reply

    Great job to Tyler Stewart, and all the riders! Some pretty stiff competition!

  • Mrs. Fleming Reply

    Go, Beaux!!

  • Connie Clinton Reply

    You got this Taylor

  • John Kircher Reply

    Chad Carlson RIPS!

  • Wendy Reply

    Beaux all the way!

  • Kyle Reply

    Air’n Aaron with the flow!

  • Brett Haiar Reply

    Chad’s killin it!

  • Erik Anderson Reply

    Proud of all the Kanuk Team Riders! 🇨🇦🤘🏻🇺🇸

  • Thaxton Reply

    Swanny bro’s goin off like it’s nothing

  • Luke Reply

    Tyler is a monster

  • nae Reply


  • Kathy Reply

    Go Chad!!!!

  • Leah Reply

    Jodi 💯💯💯❗️

  • Vin Jones Reply

    The choice is very hard so many Supra Smooth Riders.

  • Debbie Combs Reply

    Swanny Brothers are the best hands down!

  • Marvin Spears Reply

    Go Jake !!

  • Caroline Reply

    Would be nice to have a women division… apart from the boys.

  • Paola Gutierrez Reply

    Beaux, You’re so talented ! I can’t wish you luck but all the blessings and God’s favor !!

  • Amy Lippe Reply

    Go Beaux!!! You’ve got our vote.

  • Adam Churchill Reply

    Beaux, Let’s Get It!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Byall Reply

    You got this Beaux! God’s speed!

  • Brandon Reply

    You got this, Wildman pumps thru your veins…….

  • Eric Sather Reply

    Stew absolute beast

  • Justin hitte Reply

    Beaux 🤘🏼

  • MartyParty Reply

    C. Carlson all day! So fun to watch.

  • La Bawk Reply

    Beaux, you’ve got my vote from Myanmar

  • Max Reply


  • TJ Madden Reply

    Yall better watch out for Chad Carlson!! Hes comin with heat day in and day out!

  • Danielle Lock Reply

    Go Beaux!

  • Dana Haiar Reply

    I vote for Chad Carlson

  • Paul Humphreys Reply

    Chad Carlson

  • Andy mulligan Reply

    My vote is for Chad Carlson. Sick set!

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